Active Players Who Could Be In Baseball’s Hall Of Fame By 2027

It will be at least five years before the decisions will be made, but the topic is one to ponder as the new baseball season begins. Which current players have the best odds of being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Hame after their playing days are over?A sports web site recently addressed that issue, listing the most likely future Hall of Famer from every team. Most of the choices were obvious, such as Joey Votto for the Reds, Freddie Freeman for the Braves, and Evan Longoria for the Rays.Not one of the eight players at the top of the list is a pitcher and, somewhat surprisingly, three would be inducted as a catcher. Each player listed has at least a sixty percent chance of being enshrined into the Hall Of Fame, according to Graham Womack at Suzuki of the Miami Marlins leads the pack with a 95% chance of reaching Cooperstown. Albert Pujols of the Angels is a 90% shot to get in, and Texas’s Adrian Beltre is at 85. Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera has an 80% chance, and Seattle’s Robinson Cano is at 70.Among the three catchers, Yadier Molina of the Cardinals has the best odds at 75%. Minnesota’s Joe Mauer is a 65% favorite, and assessed at 60% is Buster Posey of San Francisco.Several other currently active players, all veterans of at least ten Big League seasons, deserve mention in any article about the Hall of Fame. The most obvious of these would be Carlos Beltran, the Houston Astros outfielder who will turn forty during the first month of the season.Throughout his nineteen year career, Beltran has hit .282 while averaging 28 home runs and 101 runs batted in. According to, four of the five players most similar to Beltran, topped by Andre Dawson and Billy Williams, are already in the Hall of Fame.A more difficult case involves Detroit ace Justin Verlander who, at age 34, should have several seasons to add to his already impressive numbers. He has a chance to notch his 200th win this season, which would strengthen a career that has already seen him earn the American League Most Valuable Player and Cy Young Awards. Two of the five most similar pitchers, Jim Bunning and John Smoltz, are enshrined at Cooperstown.Because he plays on the same team as Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was left out of the article. His numbers, however, present a valid argument for his future induction. Over his thirteen year career Gonzalez has hit .290 while averaging 28 home runs and 103 RBI, but at just 34 he should have the next half decade to strengthen those totals.